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The A-z Of Wedding Dresses

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the a-z of wedding dresses

Added On :18/12/2012

the a-z of wedding dresses
The wedding dress we imagined ourselves getting married in as little girls is probably a world away from the wedding dress we will actually choose as adults for our big day. Growing up, we come to the realization that our figures may not actually suit the big, puffy meringue creation of our childhood dreams and that we don't actually have squillions of dollars in the bank to pay for it either.
So without that girlish invention of a dress to go by (or the naïve unlimited budget), most of us are at a loss to decide what to wear on our wedding day. If that's the case, this A-Z guide of wedding dresses should help you find your way again.
accessories do have to match your wedding dress
Accessories should complement your dress and enhance the look that you are going for. If you're after elegant and understated, you can't go wrong with a simple strand of pearls. If the feel is romantic, team your wedding dress with antique jewellery.
bridesmaid dresses don't have to match your wedding dress
Although it's still done, matching dresses are somewhat outdated now. Brides often choose a contrasting colour to their wedding dress which is carried throughout the wedding as the colour theme. Why not dress your bridesmaids in different shades of this contrasting colour for a modern twist.
check the workmanship of your wedding dress
Whether you hire, buy or make your wedding dress, you should always check the quality and workmanship. You don't want to have to deal burst seams, falling hems and loose beading on your wedding day.
designer wedding dresses
We'd all love a Vera Wang original, but why source overseas for your wedding dress when we have amazing bridal couture on our very own doorstep. Look out for Australian designers like Mariana Hardwick and Alex Perry (who is commissioned regularly by celebrities to create their wedding gowns).
ego in a wedding dress
Do you want your ego boosted or an honest opinion when trying on wedding dresses? Don't take all your gushing girlfriends with you when you shop for your gown. Choose one or two trusted people who will tell you truthfully whether the wedding dress suits you or not. That way, you'll get a genuine ego boost when you arrive at your wedding looking absolutely stunning.


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