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5 Tips To Choosing Your Photographer

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5 tips to choosing your photographer

Added On :18/12/2012

5 tips to choosing your photographer
Selecting the right wedding photographer is one of the toughest and most important decisions to make when planning your wedding.   Here are some questions to consider when researching possible candidates that will help find the right photographer for you.
Did your photographer complete formal education in photography or train with another professional to learn their profession?
Do they run their photography business full time?
Are they an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, the professional body which governs the photographic industry AIPP?
Do they have backup equipment & insurance?
Do they have a professional contract/client agreement?
Is their pricing clear and precise?
Do you have an idea of true market value for the type of photography you want? (Try comparing the same set of items with lots of different photographers.)
Does your photographer use real dollars not “credit” towards items?
Are you aware of how much can you expect to spend after the wedding?
Do you see your professional photographer making your day enjoyable & relaxed, not “take over” and be too pushy?
Have you checked online to read their blog and about their work & reputation?
Are they a local photographer to you and/or your venue?
Will they plan your timing with you to ensure the best use of daylight and ensure all of your expectations are met?
Do you have any special requirements for yourself or your partner, and does your photographer care & understand about them? (e.g: blinking, height differences, family politics)
Are you absolutely sure you want this person following you around all day?


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